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Light Fair

2015_Nap_light_03In October 2015, the Young Minds Section of Naples organized a two-days activity, the LIGHT FAIR to promote the International Year of Light 2015.

The first day was organized a workshop, where the most important professors of our university gave long lectures (2 hrs each) about relevant topics involving light and its applications. We opened the partecipation to this school to people who study outside of our department and also to people who study related subjects such as mathematics or chemistry.

The second day was performed in the biggest activity “Futuro remoto, fisici senza frontiere”, a festival of science who took place in October in one of the biggest square in Naples. The event is designed both for adults,children and school classes of the city, with an interest in science or simply for people which were passing through the square. One day of the festival was totally dedicated to the IYL. There were organized stands where physics students(bachelor and master student) and researcher showed simple experiments regarding light, for examples how to make a 3-D hologram or explain how does work a waveguide. There was also the possibility for people to try playing with light. We also sold t-shirts, linked to the light phenomena , for auto-financing and advertising of our group. To celebrate the IYL during this festival our group wrote a brochure regarding light which was distribuited completely free, with some gadgets, to the partecipants. All the section’s members, together with all the SPIE and OSA chapter’s member,s and other volunteers students belonged to the University of Federico II of Naples were involved in this activity, for a total of 130 volunteers. The number of people which joined the event is much higher than the expected number, there were about 50 peolple for the seminars and 80000 of people during the day in Plebiscito Square, the bigest monumental square in Naples City.