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1. Recruit Members and a Faculty Advisor

Gather a team of at least four members willing to found a Young Minds Section and seek support from a local faculty member. All Young Minds should be or become members of EPS and/or one of its member societies.

2. Define Name, Bylaw and Officers

Chose the name of your Young Minds Section. Typically it will be the name of the local Institute or University hosting the Local Section followed by Young Minds Section.
Write down the rules governing your Young Minds Section in the form of a Bylaw. In particular you should carefully choose the aims of your Young Minds Section. Clearly define the duties every officer is expected to assume. Also, set the timing of the annual Officers elections once and for all to avoid confusion later during the year. An example of Bylaw can be found at sample bylaw.
Amongst your founding members, elect President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary. These four will assume responsibility towards EPS. Feel free to define special roles like webmaster if you gathered many enthusiastic members.

3. Apply

Submit the following information to create a new Young Minds Local Section. Your application will be reviewed by the Young Minds Project Action Committee.
Upon approval, you will receive a welcome letter and full access to the wide range of benefits and services available to EPS Young Minds Sections such as grants, leadership advice and much more!

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