Activity grants

EPS Young Minds Sections can apply for Activity Grants, totalling up to 1000€ per year. The deadlines for the application are January 15 and July 15 of each year.

The EPS Young Minds Project is currently supporting the following categories of activities:

  • Professional Development: technical sessions, seminars, lectures.
  • Networking: events held to promote your Section, to strengthen social ties, to network with scientists, professionals and companies, and recruit new members.
  • Outreach:  youth and adult education events including classroom demonstrations, science fairs, etc.

Setting up of matching funds schemes is highly encouraged and strongly increases the chances of obtaining the grants. In order to apply for these grants, the Section needs to log in the EPS Young Minds Website and fill in the application forms for the correspondent grants.

To be eligible for YM grants every section needs to fill two forms before the grants deadline:

  • the Section CENSUS form, to confirm the Section members list (they should be members of EPS or one of its national societies);
  • the Activities REPORT form, in order to report previous granted YM activities. The report consists of a title, a 250-500 words text and at list a picture. The submitted data will be uploaded from the YM webmaster as post on this website.


Apply for Grants Section CENSUS Activity REPORT


IONS grants

The EPS Young Minds Project offers a 1000€ grant to any EPS Young Minds Section that is organizing an OSA IONS conference.

In order to apply for this grant, the Section needs to fill in the application form for the IONS Grant.

Once the grant is approved, you will be asked to reserve a time slot (usually 15min) in the Professional Development session during which a member of the Action Committee will present YM project.

To be eligible for IONS grants the same criteria for ordinary activity grants are needed.

YM meeting

The EPS YM Leadership Meeting draws together several Young Minds from the various Sections. It represents a great opportunity for career building and networking.

The 2011 EPS YM Leadership Meeting took place at CERN (Geneva, Switzerland) on April 29-30.

The 2013 EPS YM Leadership Meeting took place at EPS Headquarters (Mulhouse, France) on June 21-22.

The 2014 EPS YM Leadership Meeting took place at University Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris, France) on June 6-7.

The 2015 EPS YM Leadership Meeting took place at ICFO (Barcelona, Spain) on May 29-30.

The 2016 EPS YM Leadership Meeting took place at ELTE (Budapest) on July 15-16.

The 2017 EPS YM Leadership Meeting took place at Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II (Naples, Italy) on May 12-13. It was the first LM officially hosted and organized by a local YM section.