International networking, young researchers involvement with the scientific community, promotion of science among local communities.

These should be goals of every young researcher in Europe. Of course, these highly-rewarding activities are time-consuming and hence the focus of most young minds is on getting their research task done, be it in the lab or in front of a computer. A strong institutional support is therefore deeply needed. And this is the kind of support is now available in the framework of the EPS Young Minds Project.

About us

Young scientists — from undergraduates to postdoctoral researchers — are encouraged to organize EPS Young Minds Sections that collaborate to develop scientific, networking and outreach activities. These Sections are composed of at least four members: a president, a vice-president, a secretary and a treasurer. A local senior scientist acts as advisor to the local Section, providing advice and assistance. These Sections offer many benefits to their members and the local communities:

– seminars and colloquia can help broaden the knowledge of the members outside their special field of interest
– visits to local industries and research labs can boost the integration between industry and research, while providing an outlook on the possible employment possibilities for recent graduates
– educational outreach programs to local schools and communities can provide a stimulus for new generations of scientists and increase the awareness for the importance of scientific research amongst the widest public.

EPS and the affiliated national societies will provide financial support for such activities though a specific granting scheme.

Local Sections are strongly encouraged to interact amongst them and build an international network. This can be organized at various levels: one-to-one exchanges between local Sections; European-level student conferences; and interaction with the student organizations of other organizations, e.g. OSA Student Chapters or SPIE Student Chapters. In particular, the established student network IONS, is a great way to connect to other leading scientists from all over Europe — and EPS will provide financial support though specific grants.

Boosting the creativity of young minds, setting up a bright, brave, creative, determined, passionate and focused initiative — this is the essence of the EPS Young Minds Project. As this project is open to all enthusiastic young researchers in Europe, be sure to be part of the next generation of leaders in science.

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