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Science Festival at Bauman Moscow State Technical University

The Festival of Science is the day when the Bauman Moscow State Technical University [BMSTU] opens it doors to numerous curious visitors and welcomes school children, high school graduates, and first-year university students.

BMSTU organised its second Festival of Science at the end of 2012. Every department of the university displayed information describing the research and education in science. Participants could also attend a variety of master classes, lectures, seminars and reports on different scientific topics, presented by senior students, postgraduates and professors.

Members of EPS Young Minds of the BMSTU Section [BMSTU EPS YM Section] presented optics demonstrations and laser games for school children. Vladimir Lazarev, past-President of BMSTU EPS YM Section organised an excursion to modern Scientific-Educational Center “Photonics and IR-techniques”. He also made a presentation on “Passion for Precision: Pursuing the Optical Frequency Standard!”.

The EPS Young Minds found the experience extremely rewarding, exciting, and instructive. The Young Minds team explained to those interested in optics and lasers, how laser works, why the sun light is a mix of all colours of the rainbow, how to produce holograms and interference patterns, how to analyse them, etc. The YM were impressed by the interest they raised around their stand, with many questions by school students of all ages as well as their parents.

“Hit the target” game, laser chess and diffractive glasses were the most attractive and popular exhibits for the visitors.

According to the BMSTU Young Minds opinion, the Festival was very useful and instructive for university entrants, who are considering their future studies.