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Optics at your School and Open Week @UA

2015_Aveiro_Scho01The Aveiro YM Section realized an activity for Schools divided in two events: visits to schools in Aveiro region and the participation in the Week of Science at the University of Aveiro. This was what we have done and we keep doing nowadays.

First, we have visited a high school in Águeda (Aveiro) and presented some Physics concepts together with experimental demonstrations. The students targeted were from the 11st grade and shown great interest in the experiments and greatly thanked our visit. Contrary to some cases, these students really got involved in the activities and due to that we think they have learned many things. We considered this a very fruitful visit, were we gained also experience in presenting for large audiences.

We have also participated in the Week of Science at the University of Aveiro, where we organized a great event for more than 10 schools, which visited us. In total, we reached more than 300 students from different levels. During one week, we have organized 6 sessions, each one having about 50 students. Students came from schools from all Aveiro region. In these sessions, we have presented many Physics concepts, both theoretically and experimentally. The students participated in the experiments themselves and have shown great interest in everything. We consider this an excellent activity, which we intend to repeat this year with more experiments.

We highlight that all members of our Section participated in the sessions and this was also good for the strength of the Section.

Meanwhile, we plan to continue visits to schools.