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Sunrise Valley Physics Seminars

Sunrise Valley Semiconductor Seminars2EPS YM Vilnius contributed to the organization of “Sunrise Valley Semiconductor Seminars” and “Joint Theoretical Physics Seminars”, which are among the largest recurrent seminars within Center for Physical Sciences and Technology (CPST) for over a year.
Seminar series covered topics like fundamental and solid-state physics issues, practical and physical aspects of semiconductor industry and technologies (f. e.: nitride laser diodes – prospects and problems, diamond quantum science and technology, ultra-fast lasers and 4D printing, studies of interfacial defects in crystals, etc.).
“Sunrise Valley Semiconductor Seminars” and “Joint Theoretical Physics Seminars” provided a platform for scientists and entrepreneurs to discuss, exchange and share their experience. It is the best example of R&D element when industrial representatives and entrepreneurs get stronger scientific background, and scientists in exchange get a chance to know the challenges of marketing innovations, ideas, etc.
Seminar initiators are well known scientists dr. A. Alkauskas (Principal Research Fellow at CPST), dr. A. Vizbaras, and dr. K. Vizbaras from “Brolis Semiconductors” (high-technology company that has clients from over 160 companies throughout the world from Japan to the United States of America) and EPS YM in Vilnius president – M. Mackoit.
Seminars gather scientists from Faculty of Physics (Vilnius University), Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astronomy, Vilnius University Institute of Applied Researc and CPST, industry etc.
EPS YM made these seminars attractive not only to experienced scientists from various theoretical physics research institutions, but for MSc and PhD students as well. Leading researchers from universities, institutes and companies of United States of America, Australia and Europe were invited to give a talk at “ Sunrise Valley Semiconductor Seminars”. Frequency of these workshops was twice a month. EPS YM in Vilnius is spreading information about the seminars by popularizing it through the posters and fliers (advertising the seminars in the faculty, CPST departments, laboratories, etc.), facebook (Physics Seminars in Saulėtekis), twitter (Physics in Lithuania). EPS YM is helping in organizing the coffee breaks, carrying out speaker lists, preparing little souvenirs for speakers to remember their visit in Lithuania, etc. EPS YM members were even moderating these seminars. These workshops have a huge potential for interdisciplinary research and collaboration between physicists and entrepreneurs. Center for Physical Sciences and Technology wants them to continue in 2017/2018. In October we’re going to invite Prof. Dr. Fedor Jelezko (Institute for Quantum Optics and Department of Physics, Ulm University, Germany) to give a talk about quantum information processing with spins in diamond.